Hello, I’m Queenie, I’m a Paramedic working in Doha, Qatar. I love my work, it’s been my dream job partly because I like the ambulance fast, Priority 1 calls gives me the rush. It’s the same feeling I get from traveling. We only have 45 days vacation leave per year, plus 4 days travel days, plus 4 days off. Guess my remaining leave credits? Zero! We usually have one time big time vacation leave but we’re entitled to have other leaves too (Boss please if you can read this I could use some of that leave, I’ll go crazy if I don’t get a break, you don’t want a crazy employee, do you?).
On my off days I dive in Sealine, learn Arnis (Filipino Martial Arts) or simply chillax with friends, anything to keep us sane in this sand pit.
I love to dress up for occasions, just to look differently from our uniform. I want to learn Arabic, photography, dancing, sailing and so many other things.
I grew up in a province in the Philippines where we have sea and mountain for playground. Every summer, right after our last class my brother and I set off to our grandparents’ house. Together with our cousins we looked for adventures every day. Mostly swimming till we’re charred or till our grandmother fetched us with a stick. We also climbed out the window for tree climbing to avoid afternoon siesta. That’s why the water, the mountain, and the rush always call me. I travel for nature, adventure and historical places.
My dream destination is Machu Picchu in Peru, ever since I saw it in my Atlas book. As a young girl I’m fascinated how they built a city up in the mountain. Followed by Aurora Borealis, and after Table Mountain, I want to complete the New 7 Wonders of Nature; I’m down to three as of writing.
This is for all the girls (and boys) out there who wants to travel on their leave and expats who wants break a routine. There’s so much to do, so much to see. Do what you love while you still can. See your dream destination while they’re still there.  Anything is possible when you believe.
This is my Travel Journal, I enjoyed my time traveling, I hope you can get on yours and enjoy it too.