“Calling the last remaining passengers of Cebu Pacific flight 5J 257 bound for Siem Reap kindly board the aircraft now.”
Well, that was our roll call, we knew exactly we belong to that flight, they were calling out our names. For those who don’t know Cebu Pacific, their flight was delayed, AGAIN. So we bought instant noodles and sat near our boarding gate, then they transferred it to the farthest gate. I didn’t even finish my seafood sotanghon. We ran/laughed from Gate 1 to Gate 5. Bright side, tickets was on sale.
It was a long day for all us, me and Ai2x my cousin travelled for 9 hours from our respective work places, Qatar and Saudi. Jems also had her own fair share of mishap. Her flight was rescheduled due to weather condition. She had to be transferred to another airline otherwise she’d miss our flight. Still with our big luggage we marched towards Luggage & More to deposit our bags. Yes, there is a secured baggage counter in NAIA Terminal 3 for a long layover or just for shopping convenience. Upon arrival take the right exit; continue straight till Burger King, it’s in the back near the elevator. For more info visit their website, with P350/day we set off for departure.
Immigration was easy, no visa needed for 2 day stay. We went straight to officer presented our passport and smile. As member of ASEAN nation Philippine Passport Holder are allowed for 21 days VISA FREE. Siem Reap International Airport is small but clean and immigration officers were nice. I don’t know maybe it’s just me but Philippine Immigration officers were scary. We were randomly selected for secondary check up. Our tickets, itinerary, QID’s, OEC’s (Overseas Employment Certificate) and hotel reservations were asked all over again.

Upon arrival first off our bucket list was tuktuk. The hotel provided us a ride; we could have gotten a car but what’s the use of visiting Cambodia and missed tuktuk. Tanei Resort and Spa is slightly off the main road but splendid all the same. Staffs were friendly, the receptionist showed us our room, explained the pool, the breakfast schedule, happily answered our question and arranged us a lift to Angkot Pub Street.
I mean the insect not the sport. Funny thing was, we had to pay for the pictures not for the food. For a dollar we took picture and selfie as much as want and we could eat whatever we want, scorpion, snake, cockroach, cricket, bug and tarantula. My cousin is scared of spider, she can’t even look let alone eat. I ate one cricket and that’s it, they fried it crispy to perfection, taste like crispy chicken skin.
Me teasing my cousin with a spider.
Save the Earth
We helped the planet the sign say so, “Save Water… Drink Beer… $0.50 Draft Beer”. Angkor Pub Street was lively and bustling with tourists.  Every other establishment had its own sound system to keep the party going. Having to travel almost 24 hours we just went for a pizza, had few drinks and hit the bed.