If I were to describe our Iceland trip in one word, that would be EPIC!

All of my getaways were memorable for a reason or another, and this one too left a mark in my heart. I won’t forget a once in a lifetime experience. An adventure that only belongs in a dream became a reality. If I told my younger self that I’d be standing between two continental earth plate or I’d be seeing the Northern Lights I wouldn’t believed her.

I can’t forget the extreme coldness that chilled me to the bones, nor the warm relaxing waters of Blue Lagoon, the fog I created when I’m breathe and the icy wind againts my skin. Ahhh there’s so much more I can’t put into words. Sometimes I just stayed still and breath it all in, that and that fact that I wore too many clothes I couldn’t move well. I never had so many layers of clothing before that in my entire life. If Iceland wasn’t so cold I could live there. Sunrise starts at 11am on winter, I could use the extra darkness to sleep. That way I won’t I won’t hear my mother yelling “Queenie! Pagbugtaw na! Kagina pa gasilak ang adlaw ga ligid ka pa da gyapon sa banig!” (Queenie! Wake up! The sun is already up and your still rolling in your bed!)

Despite the cold, we pressed on with our itinerary because that was we came there for. We arrived in Keflavik Airport around 3 in the afternoon and the sun was setting. We traveled an hour by bus to Reykjavik so when we arrived it was already dark. We just dropped our bags, had some food and head off to Aurora hunting.

Aurora Borealis or Norther Lights was the reason why we needed Iceland to be in our Euro trip. Since the phenomenon is unpredictable, we had to maximize our chances to seeing it, we booked it right after our arrival.

We were on the way to National Park when we first catched a glimpse of it floating across Reykjavik skies. It danced for a while but it was flimsy. When we reached the National Park we never saw dancing Aurora again. There’s low green lights that were captured by camera but not like ‘Brother Bear’ movie scene covering the whole skies with all it’s glory. The elusive sight never showed itself until 2am in the morning when by then we were gone coz we book for a tour that ended at 12am. We only found out the next morning when we saw incredible pictures from our new friend Megan. They were as magnificent as we imagined it to be

On the bright side we didn’t need to pay for the trip as we didn’t saw a dancing lights. However

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