Due to changes in our itinerary we had to transfer hotels every two days. Good thing, experienced different Georgian hospitality, bad thing we had to pack.

Lotus Hotel

Our first hotel was Lotus Hotel, it was average, wasn’t that fancy, modest yet clean. It is centrally located so its room price was reasonable. It is also walking distance from Avlabari Metro Station and Tbilisi St. Trinity Cathedral. Of three hotels we’ve been, this one was my favorite, no wonder it got a high rating from booking.com. Although the place is small the staffs were very accommodating. They’re adding personal touch to every guest. They showed us our rooms, we were welcomed. The breakfast lady took time to ask how was the food or if we need anything else. The receptionist, Maria was equally friendly.

I lost my luggage so I need to call the airline. My phone was not working so I asked assistance from the staff. It was an international call but one staff offered me his personal phone.

We had to get my other cousin Ai2x at 2am in the airport and we arranged a lift a night before. The cute guy in the reception speaks little English so he had to call someone else. He really tried his best to help us.

Price: 86GEL/night

Terrace Avlabari Hotel by Log Inn

Our next hotel was Terrace Avlabari Hotel by Log Inn. Property wise it was good, the rooms were big and spacious. It was clean and new too. The best experience I had with this hotel was the breakfast. They had adequate choices of food, not only traditional Georgian breakfast but continental as well. The staffs were professional but detached. We left our bag on concierge coz we can’t do early check in as we had our day tour, when we checked in the evening no assistance was offered, and we had seven luggage. One night we asked for a corkscrew, they didn’t have any because it was barrowed by another guest, and that was it. No other option was offered, we had to improvise ourselves. Nah, you think we’ll just give up our wine because they can’t help us with a corkscrew? Not likely.


Sofia Hotel

The last one was Sofia Hotel. It’s located in front of Tbilisi St. Trinity Cathedral but through small alley way. Staffs were friendly as well, traditional Georgian breakfast was good. Joan and DJ’s room had a great view of the city. I just can’t get over the fact that the hotel is gated though. You’ll never know there’s a hotel at first glance, no refrigerator too.

Price: 75GEL/night

If I had to choose between space and hospitality, I’d pick hospitable staff every time coz they make your stay a whole lot better.

P.S. Mr. Nugzar

We met our tour guide from Lotus Hotel. He picked us up from airport, a complimentary service from Lotus. I would highly recommend Mr. Nugzar. He’s professional and caring, and good photographer too. When I say his good, I meant this good.

So you don’t only have a tour guide but a photographer in the tow. For inquiry call him on (+995)591211657

Photo by: DJ and Nugzar

*We paid all expense of our trip.


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