Because it’s VISA FREE! Hold it! It’s visa free for Filipinos who are resident of GCC Countries. Actually it’s VISA FREE to all GCC Residents*. For Filipino nationals who are not resident of GCC countries but is resident of Georgian visa free country, same applies, for any other e-visa is available. Check out for more info.

It’s refreshing to bump into a Kabayan in Georgia and know they were not there to work but to travel. Every day we met another Filipino in streets, in restaurants, in tourist spots, even in our hotel. Georgia’s proximity and budget friendly tour packages made it easier for us. This is our chance to visit another visa free country. It’s always been a hassle to apply for visa with our passport. So many restrictions and frustrations and scrutinizations just to get a visa we want or need. I was denied an Egyptian visa, ikr. With Georgia just a three hour flight above Qatar, a beautiful country welcomes us with an open arm.

When you’re ready prepare: (



Travel Documents/Passport

This one is fool proof but just to remind since your entering Georgia visa free by your GCC country agreement better not forget your GCC National ID. Georgia Immigration was easy, we presented our passport and QID, IQAMA for Ai2x and that’s it. Some of us were asked few question, the rest let us through without a fuss.


Document proving purpose of travel

Tourism was our purpose of travel, aside from few question nothing was asked.


Proof of Accommodation

We had our document ready. Keep a printed copy and a soft copy just in case.


Travel and Health Insurance

This I didn’t know. We were checking in when the airline personnel asked for our insurance. I said “What insurance?” good thing I added it in our booking. Please, please don’t leave without it even if it’s not a requirement in your future travel. That’s one thing I learned, Never Travel without Travel Insurance. It will save you a lot of stress and money in any untoward incident.


Document proving sufficient financial means

This one they were not so keen of but better keep some bank transaction nonetheless, this where online banking comes in handy.


*For non Filipino GCC resident other sovereign rules might apply

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